Preserve the life of your dryer
Prevent dryer fires

Dryer Vent Cleaning in San Jose CA

At Alpine Duct Cleaning, we assure you that our professional dryer vent cleaning services will dramatically reduce the debris and lint of your dryer vent at an affordable price.

When your dryer vent starts to get clogged, it may prevent your dryer from performing at its best, and that can cost you in terms of money – as well as safety.

When you have your dryer vents and dryer duct cleaned out on a regular basis with out professional dryer vent and dryer duct cleaning services, it will significantly reduce the safety risk for a fire to occur in the future. Another thing is a clogged dryer vent can expose the residents of your home or building to dangerous gas fumes. At Alpine Duct Cleaning, we will deliver our best dryer vent cleaning services to make sure your dryer vents and dryer duct does not become a safety hazard due to poor maintenance and/or clogging.

Why Should I Get My Dryer Vent Cleaned Regularly?

It preserves the life of your dryer.

Lots of lint build up in the exhaust hose that you can’t see, which slowly closes off the hose and forces the dryer to work harder.

Save Money.

Simply put, a harder working dryer vent runs longer to dry the clothes. The longer it runs, the more money it costs.

Prevent Dryer Fires.

If the dryer exhaust hose gets clogged up enough, it strains the dryer so much it gets hot – sometimes enough to cause a fire. See our below section for preventing dryer fires.

We provide the following professional dryer vent cleaning services:

  • ZCommercial Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • ZMulti-Unit Dryer Duct Cleaning
  • ZLint Screen Cleaning
  • ZBooster Fan Cleaning
  • ZClog and Debris Removal
  • ZDryer Visual inspection

How do I know if my dryer vent needs to be cleaned?

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service San Jose

Although it is routine and necessary to clean out your lint trap, that alone is not enough to prevent a fire from starting to spark inside of the dryer vent. To help you with this, Alpine Duct Cleaning has detailed all of the things that you should watch out for in order to determine whether or not your dryer vent needs to be cleaned properly. We also have a wide range of professional dryer vent cleaning services you could choose from.

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You won’t want the people who live inside of your house to be placed at risk, especially when there are things you can do in order to prevent you, your loved ones, and your home from being harmed.

The following are certain signs you should watch out for so that you can determine when it is time to clean out your dryer vent:

  • Clothes are not totally dry once the drying cycle is finished.
  • Clothes have a strange smell after the drying cycle.
  • Clothing is hot to the touch after the drying cycle.
  • The dryer’s vent hood flap is not accessible while your dryer is working.
  • The dryer vent hasn’t been serviced for over a year.
  • The outer opening on the dryer vent has obvious debris.
  • It is taking longer to dry your clothes (more than 35-40 minutes).
  • The room that the dryer is operating in has excess heat.
  • There is a large amount of lint that accumulates inside the dryer’s lint trap while it is running.
  • There are obvious signs of lint particles and debris surrounding the lint filter of the dryer.
  • Excessive odor is emitted from dryer sheets being used in for drying your clothes.

Save Money On Energy Bills

San Jose Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Cleaning your dryer vents is the best thing you can do to reduce your energy usage and make sure your clothes dry faster. Whenever a dryer vent gets blocked, it might not cycle to dry your clothing and could turn into a fire hazard. Alpine Duct Cleaning can help you save money and energy, and ensure your home and family are kept safe from clogged dryer vents. Our dryer vent cleaning experts will do that just for you. 

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We have discussed previously that the lint screen inside of your dryer needs to be cleaned regularly, but the dryer vent behind the dryer should be cleaned as well. It is also important to pay close attention to the amount of time it takes to thoroughly dry your clothes. When your dryer needs to run longer, it’s a sign that your dryer vent is in need of cleaning, and it may also negatively impact your utility bills every month.

A dryer needs to be inspected and cleaned professionally about every two years, depending on use. With our professional dryer vent cleaning services, we will clear any obstructions from your dryer vents to make sure air flows correctly through the venting system. We will clear any obstructions from your dryer vents to make sure air flows correctly through the venting system. That will help save you save money on energy bills, and preserve the life of your dryer.

Alpine Duct Cleaning’s Dryer Vent Cleaning Method

Cleaning Dryer Vent San JoseWe use a professional system of tools and processes to get rid of clogs. Alpine Duct Cleaning will work to make sure that your dryer performs correctly and last longer without needing a lot of expensive repairs, and let your clothes dry sooner and more evenly while having less lint.

Alpine Duct Cleaning has experienced and qualified professionals who are available to clean your dryer system. We are thoroughly familiar with most makes and models of dryers and know how to successfully clean the duct interior components of any dryer. To be prepared for our dryer vent cleaning process, we first look for the outer dryer vent cap (that may be detached). We only use compressed air that does not damage duct work as typical brushes do! The compressed air pulls anything out that is blocking the inside vent. Our experts get into the dryer ventilation pipe’s nooks and crannies as well to reach any potential problems areas that may cause lint, and other types of particles, to quickly build up. Once the ducts are clear, we make sure to clean up any residue, and leave your dryer better off than when we arrived!

Prevent Fires & Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Every year, dryers cause over 15,000 building fires. The major reason for these fires is failing to clean and maintain the dryer vent. Once a dryer vent gets clogged, it forces your dryer to have to work even harder due to reduced or restricted airflow, and that may increase the interior temperature of the dryer, cause its thermostat to fail, use up a lot of energy, as well as reduce the lifespan of the appliance. The worst thing that can happen is your dryer will get so hot that it can cause a fire in your house or building.

It is truly beneficial to remove clogs from dryer vents once a year or so, depending on use. It decreases the chance that mold will develop, improves fire safety, and reduces utility bills. Other benefits are that it helps to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, and preserves your clothes and reduces drying time.