Air Duct Cleaning Services in San Jose CA

  • WDo you value breathing clean air inside your home or business?
  • WHave you noticed any vents that are dusty in your home?
  • WDo you think that your air conditioning or furnace system seems to run a lot and is struggling to reach the ideal temperature?
  • WPerhaps you've completed new construction projects in your home or have carried out renovations recently?
  • WIs your house feeling stuffy and is the air indoors feeling stale?
  • WAre the allergies that are bothering you or your loved ones chronic and are they becoming a bit too much?
If any of the issues stated above are happening to you, this may be a sign that the time is right for you to get your air ducts inspected and cleaned.
If you are looking to dramatically reduce allergens, pollen, dust, mold, and other contaminants from your HVAC system in the San Jose and Bay Area, you should avail the air duct cleaning services of Alpine Duct Cleaning. Alpine provides quality residential air duct cleaning services that uses advanced powerful air duct cleaning equipment and cleaning system to give your family at home a clean and quality air to breathe. Likewise, Alpine offers commercial air duct cleaning services to businesses.

In the US, air indoor pollution has been identified as a top environmental health risk that can affect your health whether you’re in your house or at the workplace. At Alpine Duct Cleaning, we ensure that our air duct cleaning experts will give your home or business an air purification for an indoor air quality that is beyond the standard.

Our Cleaning Methods

We use advanced powerful air duct cleaning equipment and cleaning system to meet all of your air duct cleaning needs. Alpine Duct Cleaning technicians are professionally trained, highly skilled, and ready to meet your residential air duct cleaning needs as well as your commercial air duct cleaning needs.

We will clean all relevant components in your system, not just the ducts. Our methods are more effective than most air duct cleaning companies that only use brushes, which can loosen the duct work joints. We use ultra-high air pressure in a conical shape to ensure an effective cleaning, which is superior to a brush method.

How We Differ

In addition to the high-pressure negative air compression, we apply this air pressure at every vent – which differs from most duct cleaning contractors that vacuum from just one single vent. The benefit of this is that it you get a far more effective cleaning AND none of the dust that we collect passes through the furnace itself. It’s a far more efficient air duct cleaning system that keeps your furnace and air conditioner cleaner.

Ready to get started? We can give you an exact quote over the phone, with no up-sell. If you can count how many vents you have in your home, tell us and you’ll get a competitive, final price that won’t have any surprises!



  • You or a loved one have allergies that aren't going away
  • You have concerns about dust, mold, or other allergens in the air you breathe
  • Your Air Conditioner runs a lot - and your electrical bill is very high
  • You moved into a new home or had a renovation
  • Your home or business seems to have "stale air"


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Why Should I Get My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Reason #1 – Cleaner, safer air to breathe

San Jose Air Duct Cleaning
We all want to breathe clean air, but did you know that the air we breathe inside can sometimes have a higher pollution count than outdoor air? That’s why forward thinking homeowners and business owners are getting their air duct system cleaned on a frequent basis by tapping a professional air duct cleaning company like Alpine Duct Cleaning.

Perhaps you have allergies that bother you all-year round – even when the season for allergies has passed. Did you know that these allergies could be caused by pollen, pet dander or dust hidden in your ducts? If your ducts are not cleaned regularly, these irritants can keep circulating in your property endlessly. If you have sharp vision, you may have noticed small particles floating around your house when a beam of sunlight shines inside. If you were to carefully look at them with a microscope, you would be surprised by the number of particles that float in the air within your home.

Allergens, dander and dust usually stack up within your vents and ducts. As such, you can end up breathing dust and other contaminants all day and all night, every day.

Alpine Duct Cleaning, a professional air duct cleaning company, truly “shines” when it comes to reducing these contaminants. Our air duct cleaning system starts off with a high-powered vacuum that usually sucks a considerable amount of dander, pollen, and dust out of your HVAC vents and ducts. We’ll even show you what we collected (if you want to see)… In about one hour, you’ll notice a cleaner air in your home or at work, and there’s a good chance you’ll soon start feeling relief from your allergy issues due to the high levels of cleanliness in the air that you will be breathing.

After we have cleaned your ducts using an advanced powerful air duct cleaning equipment and cleaning system, you’ll notice that the air will be fresher and easier to breathe due to the reduction of allergens and contaminants.

With dirty vents and ducts in your system, there is usually a high level of allergens in your office and house. If you get a regular duct cleaning from a professional duct cleaning service company, the air usually becomes cleaner and fresher since contaminants that accumulate each time that your HVAC system or furnace is running are reduced.

San Jose Air Duct Cleaning Commercial
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander and Odors
  • Bacteria/Viruses​
  • Mold/Mildew
  • Strange Smells
  • Other Air Quality deterrents

Reason #2 – Improve The Efficiency of Your Heating And Cooling Systems and SAVE MONEY!

Air Duct Cleaning Service San Jose

If you’re heating and cooling systems are running for a longer period of time, they are bound to wear out sooner due to the stress being placed on them. This means that sooner rather than later, you will need to replace the existing system with a new one for you to enjoy a clean indoor air. This is a major expense that you do not want to incur any time soon. After all, we don’t know anyone who wants to spend $6,000 or more on a new HVAC system…

We’re all looking to find ways to save money on repairs and utility bills. By hiring Alpine Duct Cleaning, you will experience an HVAC system that is functioning efficiently due to the reduction of contaminants such as dust and pollen. Alpine Duct Cleaning uses advanced powerful air duct cleaning equipment and cleaning system for you to experience a cleaner air provided by a highly efficient heating and cooling system.

And that’s a smart way to reduce the expenses related to energy costs and potential repair costs. This means saving more dollars. Additionally, you will be able to sleep more peacefully knowing that you have a clean air and there are fewer allergens and contaminants floating around.

Can You Guess What Happens When The Furnace Or HVAC Systems Are Dirty?

Consider how the HVAC system functions. You set the ideal temperature first. The air conditioner usually kicks in when it is too warm and brings the room temperature to the ideal level. Imagine how much longer this will take if your ducts and vents are clogged…

The AC system might kick in but it is not able to push cool air into the room with the thermostat efficiently. Bringing the temperature to the right levels takes far longer, meaning that the system usually works longer. This translates to bloated electric and gas bills.

For a machine to operate at maximum efficiency, it requires routine maintenance. As your ducts and vents become clogged with dander and dust, they become less efficient. This pushes the pressure back to the furnace or air conditioner, forcing the machine to work harder. The harder the machine works, the more likely it is to break down. Keeping in mind that you probably don’t want to pay for a new replacement HVAC system on a hot day, why not contact Alpine Duct Cleaning today?

As expert air duct and vent cleaning experts, the advanced powerful air duct cleaning equipment and cleaning system we use help to maintain the efficiency of your HVAC system and to keep yourself from paying higher electric bills. 

Alpine Duct Cleaning provides an advanced professional air duct cleaning service residents in San Jose, Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, California – from Palo Alto to Gilroy, all the way to Scotts Valley and Fremont can count on for air vent cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and more